Columbia River Walleye Fishing Guide

Walleye fishing in the Columbia River with Marvin’s Guide Service gives you a shot at the next world record walleye, which many experts believe will be caught right here along the border of Oregon and Washington on the Columbia River.

While the biggest walleye can weigh close to 20 pounds, we generally like to release those big female walleyes to keep this fishery going strong for years to come.

Many of the walleye we catch on the Columbia River are around 3 to 5 pounds, which is the perfect size for eating. And eating is where these Midwest transplants have staked their reputation as one of the tastiest fish in freshwater. While some of us might argue that our Northwest native fish are even more delicious, I have to admit those Columbia River walleyes make a pretty convincing case.

Man and woman with lots of walleye they caught fishing on the Columbia River with Marvin's Guide Service.

Happy clients with lots of walleye they caught fishing on the Columbia River with Marvin’s Guide Service.

Fishing for walleye can be a year-round sport in the Lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers, including Multnomah Channel near Portland.

One of my favorite places to fish for walleye is in Rufus, Oregon on the Columbia River.

Best Time to Go Walleye Fishing

However, the best walleye fishing of the year on the Columbia River typically starts in late April or early May and continues right through September. At this time of year, upriver sections of the Columbia River tend to offer the best walleye fishing in the Pacific Northwest, so as a walleye fishing guide I plan most of these trips just below John Day Dam, a short drive up the Columbia River from The Dalles Oregon.

I like to start out trolling with crankbaits or nightcrawler harness rigs that allow us to cover plenty of water at the right depths because these fish move around constantly in search of food.

Once we pinpoint a school of actively feeding walleye, we may switch to jig heads tipped with a nightcrawler or curly-tailed plastic grub for some faster action. Swimbaits are another great option, and catching walleye on light tackle is a blast.

And just maybe, with the help from Marvin’s Guide Service, that next record Columbia River walleye could have your name on it.

And speaking of big fish, the prime Columbia River walleye season lines up with the best time of the year to catch monster sturgeon up to 12 feet long just downriver. If you want two of the best fishing trips of your life, consider booking back-to-back trips on the Columbia River. See our Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing article for details.

You also might want to check out all of the great salmon fishing trips we do each year, on the Columbia River. It may even be possible to do a combo Columbia River Walleye Fishing and salmon trip.

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Walleye caught on the Columbia River near Rufus OR.

Happy client with Walleye caught with Marvin’s guide service on the Columbia River near Rufus Oregon.


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