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Don’t just go fishing… Go catching!

I’m Marvin Henkel, Portland, Oregon fishing guide and owner of Marvin’s Guide Service. I’ve been a full-time fishing guide for over 24 years, guiding over 220 fishing trips annually for salmon, walleye and sturgeon.

I take clients on guided trips to where the fish are biting, whether near Portland, on the Oregon Coast, or in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

Don't just go fishing... Go catching!

I’m Marvin Henkel, Portland, Oregon fishing guide and owner of Marvin’s Guide Service. I’ve been a full-time fishing guide for over 24 years, guiding over 220 fishing trips annually for salmon, walleye and sturgeon.

I take clients on guided trips to where the fish are biting, whether near Portland, on the Oregon Coast, or in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

Boasting more than 25 years of expertise, I serve as a dedicated full-time fishing guide, conducting over 220 fishing expeditions each year in pursuit of salmon, sturgeon, and walleye. Whether the fish are biting in the vicinity of Portland, along the scenic Oregon Coast, or amidst the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge, I stand prepared to lead you through an extraordinary fishing journey.

I reside in Portland, Oregon, and provide guided and chartered fishing excursions on the nearby Columbia and Willamette Rivers. My services also extend to guiding trips in the Vancouver, Washington area, and from Astoria to the Columbia River Gorge and further.

Marvin’s Guide Service provides seasonal charters and guided fishing excursions in the Pacific Ocean targeting salmon, halibut, rockfish, and lingcod. Additionally, the Dungeness crab trips have become practically legendary.

No matter what you’re aiming to catch, I’ll guide you to the spots where you have the highest chances and the most enjoyable experience.

Oregon Fishing Guide

If you’re looking for a fishing guide on the Willamette or Columbia Rivers in Oregon, Marvin Henkel is your man. Marvin is an experienced guide who has helped countless people catch fish in these rivers. He’s an expert on both rivers and knows the best places to fish, the best techniques to use, and the best bait to use.

Oregon Salmon Fishing charter

Marvin’s Guide Service offers the best chance at catching salmon in the Portland/Vancouver area. With decades of experience fishing on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, Marvin is one of the most knowledgeable salmon fishing guides in the area.

Coho salmon

I will start guiding customer for the world-famous spring chinook salmon run in March near Portland on the Columbia River and Willamette River. We promise you’ll never taste better salmon than a fresh springer!

When late July and August roll around, you can join Marvin on a fishing trip to catch the first arriving fall chinook and coho salmon. The first trips are out on the ocean, and then when the salmon move into the lower Columbia River, you’ll fish the Buoy 10 area, which is bar none Oregon and Washington’s best salmon fishery.

When the calendar turns to fall, we’re still catching coho and amazing king salmon. We fish the mighty Columbia River near Portland and Bonneville Dam, Tillamook Bay, and the spectacular Oregon Coast.

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Guided sturgeon fishing in Oregon.

Marvin’s Guided Sturgeon Fishing Trips provide an unforgettable experience for anglers of all skill levels. For over two decades, Marvin has been one of the most seasoned and passionate guides in the Northwest, specializing in catching and releasing the biggest freshwater fish in North America, the white sturgeon. Marvin’s trips are designed for anglers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced anglers. Whether you want to take home a keeper or catch and release a 12-foot monster weighing over 700 pounds, Marvin will put you on the fish.

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Guided walleye fishing in Oregon.

Walleye are a popular sport fish in the Midwest, and they’ve also become popular in the Northwest. Walleye are native to the Columbia River Basin, but they’ve been introduced to other parts of the Northwest, where they’ve thrived. The Columbia River is an excellent place to fish for walleye, and many anglers think it might yield the next world record catch.

I’ve dialed in the best walleye fishing water for you in the Columbia River Gorge, located a comfortable drive from Portland. These fish are fun to catch and even better to eat!

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 Rockfish and lingcod fishing charter

When you fish the reefs and rocks off the Oregon Coast, you’ll find a wide variety of bottomfish, including rockfish, lingcod, and other species. These fish are very active and provide fast-action fishing.

We might even get you on a 40-pound halibut!

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 Guided Oregon Dungeness Crabbing Trips.

That’s right. The world’s most scrumptious shellfish, the ones that cost a gazillion dollars at the market, are crawling across the bottom of North Oregon’s bays and the Columbia River estuary.
You can’t see them down there, but I know right where to set the traps to haul up your 12-crab limit of delicious Dungeness.

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Why choose Marvin’s fishing guide service?

Columbia River SalmonMarvin’s Guide Service is a full-service fishing guide that provides a unique and memorable fishing experience. Our goal is to make your fishing trip as enjoyable and successful as possible.

I’ll guide you to where the fishing is best.

I’ve been a full-time fishing guide for over 24 years. During that time, I’ve learned all the best fishing spots. I stay on top of the hottest fishing locations and am happy to share this information with my clients.

I’ll guide you to the top spots on the Pacific Northwest’s best fishing waters close to home in Portland or within a two-hour drive.

You’ll go fishing with quality.

I have over 25 years of guiding experience fishing in the Pacific Northwest. I know the best fishing spots and only use the highest quality rods and reels, the most effective tackle, and the freshest bait. I work with some of the top fishing manufacturers and bait dealers in the Northwest, so you can be sure you are using the best gear.

You’ll go fishing in comfort.

I captain a 27-foot Alumaweld Intruder that is covered and heated (when needed) for anything the Pacific Northwest throws at us.

Have you suffered through a day of fishing in the rain, wind and cold? Not on the Marvin’s Guide Service boat.  I have a top and a heater. It’ll be in the water at the dock, warmed up and ready to fish when you arrive.

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You’ll go fishing in safety.

A happy customer holds up a spring chinook salmon caught fishing on the Willamette River with Marvin's Guide Service.

I’m a U.S. Coast Guard-licensed captain with CPR training, and my boat and my training are second to none for safety.


You’ll be in good company.

Marvin’s Guide Service has been featured in some of the Portland area’s top media outlets. For example, Fox 12 Good Day Oregon has fished with me on 17 different occasions.

You may have even watched while TV host Andy Carson caught salmon, sturgeon, and walleye on live TV, and it could be you reeling in all those fish!

Now’s the time to book a trip with one of the best Portland fishing guides! Marvin’s Guide Service will hook you up.

Meet Your oregon fishing Guide or Charter

Want to learn more about your fishing guide? Read about Portland native Marvin Henkel and his son and helper, Austin.

Large group to go fishing?

Marvin’s Guide Service works with many other great fishing guides, and charters, so if you have a group too large for one boat, no problem!

I will personally handle lining up as many great fishing guides as it takes to get the whole crew on the water and reeling in fish.

I’m Here to Help!

If you have questions about guided fishing in the Greater Portland/Vancouver area or need trip information or ideas, I’m always ready to help. Give me a call at 503-314-5087

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