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Pacific Ocean  Halibut

Pacific Ocean Halibut

For the 2020 Halibut fishing season, Marvin’s Guide will be fishing from the ports of Astoria,oregon Depoe Bay Also Tillamook Oregon in the Pacific Ocean. Catching this powerful flatfish is a great adventure. Whether on the North Oregon or Central Oregon coast, these Halibut don’t have a chance. Fishing out of the Astoria/Warrenton/ and Hammond areas on the North Oregon coast, and Garibaldi and Newport locations on the Central coast, Halibut cannot hide.

We start fishing in the beginning of May and can run through well into September. This is all depending on quota caught. The quotas are set by National Marine Fisheries Service. The limits can change every year. Please call for details. Size of Halibut can range from 15 to 100 pounds but average is around 40 pounds.

Travel distance will vary on location and ocean conditions. Fishing depths from 30 feet up to 1200 feet.

Fish processing is available for additional cost at the marina.

Halibut prices are a little different from my fresh water fishing.$225 each.

We can accommodate small to large groups as we use multiple boats.



  1. I am interested in possibly booking a full boat. I am looking at 20 spots for a VIP hosted event and I am wondering on your pricing of groups and if you would be able to accommodate my inquiry

    • Yes we can hook you up, how we usually do a group that large it would take a couple of boats, but I would hire the other boat and make sure everything was set for a great day on the water. When were you thinking about coming? And is halibut your main interests?

    • Hello! I would like to inquire about Halibut fishing during the first week of October 2020. For two people in a honeymoon! Thank you!

      • In Ouctober we are salmon and crab fishing in tillamook Oregon.

  2. Hello… I am interested in halibut fishing …I’ll be in the Portland area from 3/9 july2016 … will the season still be open … I see garibaldi is the closest port …. I will have 2 in my party anytime that week…. do you have anything available?
    thank you

    • In August I am fishing in Astoria pretty much only doing salmon. The first part of August we could do salmon and Sturgeon. And yes you could purchase the whole boat. Please feel free to call or email and we can go over details

  3. I’ll be arriving in Portland on the 22nd of June and will be there for a few days. Will Halibut fishing be available? Please contact me

    • Sorry no

  4. We are interested in giving our dad a fishing experience for his 84th birthday. It would be a group of 6-8 for the Thanksgiving break time frame….?

    Does that work for you? And where would we be going?

    Thank you

    • You bet we could get you hooked up. Will be fishing from a covered and heated boat. The best opportunity would be Catch and Release sturgeon. Sturgeon between 4 and 6 feet long. Again it is Catch and Release. But a lot of fun and a lot of action. Please feel free to call me and I would be happy to get you hooked up

  5. When is halibut season in Depoe Bay in 2017?

    • When is halibut season in Depoe Bay, Oregon in 2017

    • It should open in May

  6. Interested in fishing in May around between May 17-21. What type of fish available at this time of year and from what location? Two to three people.

    • We have a few different options from salmon to sturgeon to walleye. Please feel free to call me and I would be happy to discuss all the options with you 503 – 314 – 5087

  7. Wanting to come in June,,wondering about Halibut fishing,,,,,

  8. Interested in halibut for between 4 to 6 people, early June out of Astoria area. What opening do you have?

    • We are doing our halibut out of Depoe Bay this year

  9. Are you doing any halibut charters at the end of August or any time in September?

    • I know I’m sorry halibut is closed, however I am doing salmon fishing

  10. Hi, I’m looking at a halibut fishing trip/gift cards for 5+ of us. We don’t need a private boat. This would need to be on a Sunday, is that a day you go out? How much per person, is it $225 each? I’m hoping to give this as a gift to my husband, my dad in March for birthdays understanding the season starts in May.


  11. When does halibut season open and when does it end? I’m looking at two people for whole day trip.

    • It opens up in May, we are on a quota system usually end of June. Call and I’m happy to get you hooked up for halibut fishingcharter

  12. will be in oregon the 3rd week in june. most likely will be 4 of us.what do you
    have available.

    • We have salmon and Sturgeon going on then. Please call email or text and I would be happy to hook you up.

  13. I’m interested in doing a single person halibut trip in the very near future,, what is your schedule like for say the next 10 days? Is there anything open?

  14. Do you offer Tuna fishing trips? If so, what are the date ranges and prices?
    Thank you

    • At this time I do not offer tuna fishing trip however I can recommend somebody for you if you would like.

  15. we are going to Portland July 26-29. There are 4 of us, we would like to go fishing. What kind of fishing is available at this time.

    • We have salmon fishing available in ocean and we also have great catch and release sturgeon. Please give me a call and I would be happy to find a date for you

  16. Wondering when your halibut season is, and if you have any extra options that can be combined/ salmon or crab pots options, during the sesame trip.

  17. I would like to get two tickets for the 2020 halibut season, as a Christmas present for my best friend and his wife. [email protected]
    Martin Foster.

  18. Are there any trips for halibut in 2020?

    • Yes we will Have a halibut season we will be fishing in the Newport Oregon area.

  19. Hello, i’ll be on the Oregon coast July 3-10 2020 and would like to sneak off for a day of fishing. Will Halibut still be open? If not, what trip would you recommend for this time?

    • Hello,
      That timer year I would be is doing salmon and sturgeon fishing in the Portland Oregon area. Feel free to call email me or text and I would be happy to get you hooked up..

  20. Are you doing any ocean trips in the next month?

  21. I want to go with my bf on a halibut fishing trip. How much are we talking about per person? What is the success rate of catching a halibut and I have noticed others offer to cut fillets from the fish is that something you offer as well? This would be my first time on a charter….I have only ever just been fishing on my own fly fishing and reel casting; so I would also like to know if there are any special items we need to wear or have or bring???

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