Sturgeon fishing in Oregon and Washington is fun and exciting.
Sturgeon fishing in Oregon and Washington is year around..

Can you imagine catching a sturgeon up to 12 foot long? Well Imagine no more come fishing on the Columbia river that borders Oregon and Washington.

10 foot Sturgeon on the Columbia River

However when you are fishing these monster Sturgeon on the Columbia river it is catch and release only.

All sturgeon are released unharmed.

Maybe you would like to try to eat a sturgeon.

Oregon department of fish and wildlife, and Washington department of fish and Wildlife give us a small sturgeon season on the Columbia River above Bonneville dam in January.
Be sure to call Marvin now if you would like to try to keep a Sturgeon.

sturgeon must be between 38 inch and 54 inches to be able to harvest.

Sturgeon to keep

Don’t worry about the cold weather when fishing with Marvin’s guide service we have you covered and heated in a 27′ Alumaweld boat.

Sturgeon are all white meat, no bones. My favorite way to eat Sturgeon is deep fried. Smoked Sturgeon is like candy I will gobble it up.
When you book a trip to keep a Sturgeon marvin will talk to you about some of his favorite recipes.




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