Crabbing on the Oregon Coast

Does November weather make you crabby? Me, too!  there is no better way to feed your crabby then to join Me on a crabbing trip on the Oregon coast.


Dungeness Crab Face in Oregon

Simply bring your Oregon shellfish license and a spirit of adventure and join for crabbing on the Oregon coast. These crabs were first harvested by commercial fishermen from Dungeness, Washington in the middle of the 19th century. But unlike the early pioneers, guests aboard My powerful 29-foot Alumaweld Intruder remain dry and warm while cruising in a covered, heated cabin alongside their captain.

With 30+ years of experience, I know the secret spots loaded with large keepers that can weigh in at over 2 pounds. Since Seafood Watch lists Oregon’s Dungeness crab fishery with a sustainable seafood rating of ‘best choice’, there is no need to feel guilty about catching the daily limit of 12 crabs per fisherman. Typically, ¼ of a crab’s weight is meat, which means that clients can take home up to 6 pounds of cleaned and cooked crab to enjoy.

What Are the Dates?

Oregon Crabbing is open in estuaries (i.e. bays), beaches, tide pools, piers, and jetties year round, but our trips will be for November and early December.

How Many Can I Keep?

Current Oregon regulations allow for a limit of 12 male crabs per person, at the minimum size of 5 ¾ inches. More often than not, we do get the full legal limit for everyone on the boat.

What About Cooking?

You can take them home and do it yourself, or you can use the ocean-side facility for a nominal fee per crab. Want them packed on ice, or maybe for air-shipment? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

How Much Does it Cost?

you need 4  people to come out in the boat costs $135 each, at a total of $540 for the day. The price is the same whether you come alone or with friends, so make it a party!

What Else?

In addition to the famous Buoy 10 salmon fishing and crabbing, the area of Astoria is a wonderful town for the whole family to visit. one of my favorite Sites include the Astoria Column.  Also, have Lewis & Clark’s Fort Clatsop, Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria-Megler Bridge.  Don’t forget the Goonies house, and terrific restaurants and bars along the river.

Take this opportunity and sign up your friends and family to fish for Oregon’s famous Dungeness crab Marvin’s Guide Servicer. Trip dates and seats are limited, so contact Marvin at 503.314.5087 today, or fill out the form below to inquire about rates and to make your reservation. Be Shure to watch Marvin go out crabbing with the Tv show More Good Day Oregon.

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