Northwest Bass Fishing 

 Portland Oregon bass fishing in the Northwest is a very popular sport across the region. Largemouth and smallmouth bass can be found in many of the lakes and rivers in Oregon. Lots of anglers target these bass from March to October and sometimes into November as long as the weather permits.

Locations Where to Fish for Bass:

A couple of popular bodies of water are the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, Henry Hagg Lake, and Prineville Reservoir. Largemouth bass can be found mostly in our lakes and some of our larger rivers with some slow-moving waters where the largemouth bass can find some cover and a good food source. Smallmouth bass can be found in the Columbia River and many other rivers across the state. Smallmouth bass like river systems, because of the fast-moving water that provides a good source of food and oxygen. Some of our larger lakes have had some smallmouth bass illegally introduced, and now have established a good population of fish.

Lures and Baits to catch Bass:

The smallmouth bass have a very aggressive feeding mood during the spring and summer and are easier to catch during these seasons. Although, bass will hit most topwater lures and crankbaits throughout the entire season. Most anglers that bass fish the river system will be targeting smallmouth bass and other panfish. Anglers use a large range of bass lures to catch these fish, because of different locations and the mood of the fish. Soft plastics such as lizards, creature baits and tube baits are the most productive lure to use for bass fishing. Topwater lures such as poppers and stick baits catch a majority of the bass in the summer months. 

Bass fishing provides great catching action for all anglers. Many anglers can catch up to 50 fish per day while out bass fishing. Anglers will combine soft plastic lures and crankbaits to provide good catching action throughout the day.

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For More Bass Fishing Information:

If you would like to learn more about smallmouth or largemouth fishing, a great resource to check out this link to On this site, you can learn more about bass fishing along with other fishing information and facts.


A picture of your Oregon fishing guide, holding a Columbia River Bass.


Columbia River smallmouth bass


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