Fishing Astoria, Oregon. It offers a variety of fish like salmon, sturgeon, sea bass, lingcod, and tuna, all of which can be found near Astoria.

You also will find plenty of Dungeness crab around Astoria. Fishing crab and the scenery around Astoria never gets old. The Columbia River near Astoria is almost five miles wide.

Astoria, Oregon, will offer some of the best sturgeon fishing on the lower Columba River. and, of course, the world-famous Buoy 10 salmon fishing, which generally opens on August 1st. As a fishing guide, Buoy 10 is one of my favorite fisheries the Columbia River has to offer. Buoy 10 is actually the mouth of the Columbia River, in between Oregon and Washington.

I like to start my guided salmon fishing trips in Astoria, Oregon, in the middle of July, in the Pacific Ocean, just off the mouth of the Columbia River, for coho and chinook salmon.

When your salmon fishing, the ocean in July, Generally, there is plenty of action with Chinook and Coho salmon. Lots of times, after I have limits on salmon, we will even fish for rockfish like sea bass and lingcod when ocean conditions allow.

If you plan on salmon fishing in the ocean, pay very close attention to the tides as the tides are very crucial when crossing the Columbia River Bar. Marvin’s guide service has years of experience crossing the Columbia River Bar.

Because days generally feel fast for fishing, Astoria, Oregon, in August, call us today to get on the schedule. 503-314-5087 Or simply click here and fill out this forum, and I will call you.

In September, the lower Columbia River around Astoria will be full of coho salmon, It is then that Marvin offers guided salmon and Dungeness crab combo fishing trips!

Fresh crab. Fresh salmon doesn’t get much better than that when you’re visiting Astoria, Oregon.

Marvin’s boat is a 2020 27 foot  alumaweld and it offers fishing comfort for up to 6 guests. You could read more about Marvin’s boat by clicking here.

Where do we meet when fishing in Astoria, Oregon?

Marvin meets his clients just outside of Astoria, in a little port town called Hammond, Oregon. Read more about Hammond here.

Check here for hotels in and around Astoria that Marvin’s guide service recommends.

Here is a small list of restaurants Marvin enjoys in Astoria, Oregon, and the surrounding area.

When fishing, Astoria Marvin is able to accommodate large and small groups. Feel free to give him a call and book a day of fishing in Astoria, Oregon. 503-314-5087

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Limits of Chinook and Coho Salmon caught fishing Astoria Oregon.

Happy clients with limits of salmon caught fishing in Astoria, Oregon.

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