UPDATE: Oregon and Washington fisheries managers quickly closed the sturgeon retention season in the Columbia River Gorge after anglers quickly caught close to the allowable quota by January 3, 2024.

ODFW attributed the increasing popularity of this rare keeper opportunity, along with nice weather, to the record-breaking numbers of anglers who, like us, were out there catching keeper-sized sturgeon.

Marvin’s Guide Service will continue to book action-packed catch-and-release sturgeon fishing trips. I can offer these fun fishing trips in the Columbia River Gorge or right in Portland on the lower Willamette River. Give me a call or send a text, and we’ll find the perfect day.

Here’s our original article:

Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife departments met October 31st to determine the Columbia River sturgeon harvest season in 2024.

Bonneville Pool Sturgeon Season

First of all, let’s start with the Bonneville Pool, where the sturgeon season is set to open January 1 and run through February 7th 2024 or until the quota is met. During that time period, you may only harvest a sturgeon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The slot limit to harvest the sturgeon in the Bonneville Pool is 38 inches to 54 inches.

Sturgeon Season in The Dalles Pool

Sturgeon season The Dalles Pool will open on the Columbia River on January 1 and go through January 29, 2024, or until the quota is met.  The slot limit in the Dalles pool is 43-inch minimum and 54-inch maximum.

This fishery also will be available Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

The John Day Pool Sturgeon Season

The sturgeon season on the Columbia River farther upriver in the John Day Pool will open January 1 and this fishery will be open seven days a week.

The slot limit in the John Day Pool will be from 43 inches at the smallest to 54 inches max. The season on the John Day Pool is expected to run through the end of March unless the quota of sturgeon is met before then.

Additional Sturgeon Regulations

Before fishing any of these pools, make sure to check the current regulations, as in-season changes may happen at any time and once the quota is met, the sturgeon season will be shut down immediately.

I will be offering guided sturgeon fishing trips in all three of these pools starting in January. Like always, you will be in the comfort of a covered and heated boat, which is especially important during winters in the Columbia River Gorge and Eastern Oregon.

How to measure a sturgeon?

When you are measuring a sturgeon, you must measure from the tip of the nose to the fork in the tail to get an accurate measurement and to stay legal to harvest. You’ll often hear this called the “fork length.” It is easiest to lay the sturgeon on its side when measuring.

Boat Ramps

Here are a few boat ramps I use during the sturgeon season. Early ramps we’ll likely meet at will be Cascade Locks, Hood River Marina, and The Dalles Marina. When fishing upriver, we’ll meet at either the marina in Rufus or the one at the mouth of the John Day River.

Marvin’s Guide Service will continue to offer catch-and-release sturgeon fishing trips year-round.



Three anglers hold sturgeon caught in the Columbia River with Marvin's Guide Service.

Limits of sturgeon caught on the Columbia River in the Bonneville Pool fishing with Marvin’s Guide Service.

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