If you’re looking for a world-class fishing experience, look no further than Astoria, Oregon. The lower Columbia River offers some of the best sturgeon fishing in the world. This is one of our most popular trips, and for good reason.

When fishing for sturgeon in the shallow waters of the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon, we typically fish in 4 to 10 feet of water. The sturgeon come into these shallows to feed on shrimp and other forage.

Do you know what’s incredible about catching sturgeon in very shallow water? These fish almost always take to the air, jumping out of the water like mad and crashing back down in a display you won’t forget. We can often get excellent photos because the jumps are so frequent.

Astoria, Oregon, is the place to go if you want to have a world-class fishing experience. The lower Columbia River offers some of the best sturgeon fishing in the world. The fishing season starts in May and goes through August.

Although August continues to have very good sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River estuary, that’s when most anglers switch gears over to salmon and start fishing the world-renowned Buoy10 salmon fishery, also right here in the Astoria area.

When fishing for sturgeon in Astoria, it’s extremely important to watch the tides. I find that fishing on an outgoing tide is best because the outgoing tide helps send the bait out.

What baits should I use when sturgeon fishing in Astoria, Oregon?

When fishing for sturgeon in Astoria, Oregon, I like to use the freshest bait possible, such as fresh anchovies, sand shrimp, and squid. However, other baits work as well. But with years of experience fishing for sturgeon near Astoria, Oregon, I find that I have the best success fishing with fresh anchovies and sand shrimp for bait.

You can get fresh anchovies by ordering them the night before from Big Game Bait and tackle shop.

Astoria, Oregon sturgeon season.

The Lower Columbia River around Astoria is a popular spot for catch-and-release sturgeon fishing. We do get an occasional season where you can harvest a sturgeon, but those are limited and usually fill up fast, so don’t wait to book your trip. There will be no open season for harvesting sturgeon in 2024.

When harvesting sturgeon, there is always a size limit. Make sure to check the current regulations so you don’t break the law.

I love to eat sturgeon. It’s a delicious fish. Did you know that sturgeon is all white meat and has no bones? That’s because surgeons are all muscle and cartilage.

Astoria Marinas 

A great marina to use when sturgeon fishing in Astoria, Oregon, is East Basin boat launch. or the Hammond, Oregon Marina, and I also like the Warrington Marina.

Book an Astoria Oregon Sturgeon fishing guide

Book your fishing trip with Marvin’s Guide Service for a successful fishing adventure in the Astoria, Oregon, area. Marvin is an experienced guide who will help you catch sturgeon and salmon. Contact Marvin today to secure your spot. 503-314-50877

You can read more about sturgeon fishing here.

Amenities around Astoria, Oregon

When you come to Astoria, Oregon, to fish for sturgeon, you’ll need a place to stay and a place to eat. I’ve put together a list of hotels and motels that are convenient to the fishing grounds. I’ve also listed some of my favorite restaurants in the area. Check them out!

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