Astoria, Oregon, offers world-class sturgeon fishing on the lower Columbia River. Seriously, this is one of the most memorable trips we book all year.

When fishing near Astoria for sturgeon, we are fishing mainly in shallow water among the sand bars. And when I say shallow, we’re talking about only 4 to 10 feet of water. Sturgeon will come into the shallow waters to feed on shrimp and other forage.

Do you know what’s incredible about catching sturgeon in very shallow water? These fish almost always take to the air, jumping out of the water like mad and crashing back down in a display you won’t forget. We often can get excellent photos because the jumps are so frequent.

We can start catching plenty of sturgeon in Astoria, Oregon in May and will continue these trips through July.

Although August continues to have very good sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River estuary, that’s when most anglers switch gears over to salmon and start fishing the world-renowned Buoy10 salmon fishery, also right here in the Astoria area.

When fishing for sturgeon in Astoria, it’s extremely important to watch the tides. I find it best to fish an outgoing tide when targeting sturgeon.

Also, when I’m fishing, sturgeon in Astoria, I like to use the freshest bait possible, like fresh anchovies and sand shrimp.

However other baits work also. But with years of experience fishing for sturgeon near Astoria Oregon, I find that I have the best success fishing with fresh anchovies and sand shrimp for bait.

Sturgeon fishing in the Lower Columbia River around Astoria is generally a catch-and-release fishery, although we do get a season here and there to harvest a sturgeon. Those are popular but limited when they happen, so don’t hesitate to book your trip.

When it is legal to harvest sturgeon, there is always a size limit. Be sure to check the current regulations to stay legal.

I love to eat sturgeon. Did you know sturgeon is all white meat, and there are no bones? Sturgeon are all muscle and cartilage.

A great marina to use when sturgeon fishing Astoria Oregon is East Basin boat launch.

Feel free to call Marvin’s Guide Service and talk to him about sturgeon or salmon fishing in the Astoria, Oregon, area. Marvin will be happy to hook you up.

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Sturgeon Jumping out of the water on the Columbia River near Astoria, OR

Big sturgeon jumping near Astoria, Oregon.

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