Cascade Locks is just 45 minutes east of Portland in the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge, and it’s right in the heart of some great fishing for salmon, sturgeon, walleye, shad, smallmouth bass, and more.

One of my favorite fisheries in Cascade Locks is in June for shad at the Marine Park. Many of us know this fishing spot as “The Wall.” The Wall is where part of the river flows through the old locks, and shad follow the deep, fast water running through here.

I generally catch shad here and use them for sturgeon and crab bait.

Casade locks Oregon fishing season

When the shad are running, there will also be salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River. It’s not uncommon to hook into one. Be sure to stay legal and out of trouble: Check with the Oregon Department and Fish and Wildlife to see if you may harvest a salmon or steelhead. You would also need the right tag and endorsement for these species.

Cascade Locks and the Columbia River are considered the Bonneville Pool, and this area will be open in January 2024 to harvest a sturgeon legally. I guide in this area during this keeper season.

Sturgeon fishing in 2024 on the Columbia River in the Bonneville Pool will be allowed three days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, until the quota is met. Catch-and-release sturgeon fishing is open year-round and seven days a week. The 2024 catch-and-keep sturgeon season is closed.,

Cascade Locks is a city in Hood River County, Oregon. As of 2023, the population in Cascade Locks is 1,393.

The city of Cascade Locks got its name from a set of locks built in 1876 to improve navigation on the Columbia River past Cascade Rapids. Once Bonneville Dam was finished the following century, the locks were no longer needed for shipping.

Cascade Locks is also important to Native American tribes, including the Warm Springs, Yakama, Nez Perce, and Umatilla treaty tribes.

You can go to Cascade Locks Marine Park and watch tribal anglers pull up salmon, sturgeon, and shad from their nets. These fresh fish are available to everyone to purchase, if you like.

Activities in Cascade Locks, Oregon.

While visiting Cascade Locks, you might want to check out the Bridge of the Gods and get to know a little bit of its history at the Cascade Locks Historial Museum.

The stunning Bridge of the Gods goes over the Columbia River and connects Oregon and Washington. The famous Pacific Crest Trail also passes through here, and hikers also cross this bridge.

Food in Cascade Locks, Oregon

Maybe you would like to eat lunch in Cascade Locks. I would suggest the Bridgeside restaurant.  It’s located right underneath the Bridge of the Gods, and the scenery is beautiful.

One of my favorite places to eat when I’m fishing in Cascade Locks is called the Eastwind Drive-In. It’s a fast-food restaurant, but the hamburgers, French fries, and ice cream are unbelievably good.

The Eastwind is located near Cascade Locks Marine Park, and it’s very convenient to stop after a day of fishing.

Speaking of quick stops: Oftentimes, under the Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks, there will be vendors selling fresh smoked salmon and fresh fruit. While I typically have all the fish I need, I like stopping under the bridge to buy fresh, locally grown cherries, which my family and I love in season.

Be sure to check out my posts on the neighboring Columbia River towns that also have great fishing, like Hood River, The Dalles and Rufus.




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