It’s time to meet your Portland, Oregon, fishing guide, Marvin Henkel, owner and operator of Marvin’s Guide Service.

Marvin was born and raised right here in the Portland area. Marvin graduated from David Douglas High School in 1991 and went straight to work at Gunderson as a welder, building rail cars in downtown Portland. Oregon.

Marvin lived for the weekends, where he would fish the Columbia River for salmon, sturgeon, walleye, or anything he could get to bite.

One of Marvin’s favorite vacations was to take two weeks off from Gunderson in October and go salmon and crabbing in Tillamook Bay.

In 2000, Marvin got his Oregon guide license and started guiding part-time on the weekends and vacations as he continued working at Gunderson.

A year later, in 2001, Marvin left Gunderson to try his hand at being a full-time fishing guide based in his hometown of Portland, from the Columbia River Gorge to the Oregon Coast.

He quickly found out that this was going to be tough while building up his business. So, he was working three days a week at Schwan’s, delivering ice cream and food on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week, and then guiding salmon, sturgeon, and walleye fishing trips on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Marvin continued working at Schwan’s for about a year before he made enough of a name for himself in the fishing industry that he could guide full-time.

Now that Marvin is a full-time fishing guide, he guides over 200 trips a year for salmon, sturgeon, walleye, and crab in and around the Portland, Oregon, area.

For the last five years, Marvin has been fortunate enough to have his youngest son, Austin, come out and join him and help him on many of his guided fishing trips.

Who knows, maybe one day, Marvin will retire, and Austin will be the new captain. Only time will tell.

But for now, let Marvin and Austin lead you to an experience of salmon, sturgeon, or walleye fishing that you will always remember.

One of Marvin and Austin’s favorite places to guide for salmon fishing is Astoria, Oregon, for the world-famous Bouy 10 salmon fishery. This father-son duo will generally start taking clients salmon fishing in the ocean west of Astoria towards the end of July, where the bite first begins. We’ll then move into the river inside of the Buoy 10 marker in the early part of August, when the Columbia River opens for chinook salmon.

No matter where this father and son offer guided fishing trips for salmon, sturgeon, or walleye, you will see their love and dedication to fishing and to bringing that same passion to their clients.


 Portland OR fishing guide Marvin, and son navigating boat to the hot salmon spots.

Father and son fishing team.



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