With springtime arriving, let’s talk about Willamette River spring salmon. In March, April, May, and June, you will want to be salmon fishing in the Willamette River.

There are lots of places to fish for Chinook salmon on the Willamette River.
I will just talk about a few for now.

Willamette River fishing spots.

The first spot I like to Salmon fish is where the channel comes into the Willamette River. Multnomah Channel. I troll in this area of the river with herring. The water is around 15 to 20 feet deep. I like to bounce off the bottom when I’m fishing in this area. Early in the season, I will be using herring and a flasher. Also, I like to fish acroos from the channel, witch we all call the barges. When I am fishing the barges, I will not go to the bottom; usually, I will fish about 30 feet or so on line counter

The next place on the Willamette River I like to fish for salmon is up the river, a few miles towards downtown Portland, Oregon. This is called the harbor.

The Wilamette River will be 60 feet deep or so in this area. So, what I like to do here is put on a 10 or 12-ounce sinker and then let my line out around 30 feet.  Be sure to try different depths to find where the salmon are ruining at. Line counter reels are very important. Good electronics will help you mark what depth the salmon are running at.

I also like to troll 360 flashers with a brads super bait. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and find out what the salmon want each day.

From my experience, every day is different; sometimes the salmon like spinners and sometimes they like bait.

Willamette River salmon forcast.

With the Willamette River spring salmon forecast up from 2023, I am looking forward to a great spring salmon season in 2024 on the Willamette.

Get your guided spring salmon fishing trip. booked now on the Willamette River.

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Willamette River salmon and sturgeon fishing trip.

Call me and talk to me about my favorite trip on the Willamette River, where we do 1/2-day salmon and a half day of catch and release sturgeon.


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Three anglers hold large chinook salmon caught on the Willamette.

limits of Willamette River spring salmon.




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