In my last blog post, I discussed Hammond, Oregon. This time, I’d like to talk about its neighboring town of Warrenton, Oregon. Warrenton is another one of my favorite coastal towns, and a great place to offer guided fishing trips for salmon, sturgeon, and crab.

Warrenton, Oregon. It’s a bit larger than Hammond, with a population of over 6,000. These two towns are only a few miles apart and have many similarities, including wildlife that can be seen wandering the streets. It’s not uncommon to see deer and elk feeding in people’s yards and fields.

Activities in Warrenton, Oregon

Warrenton, Oregon, has a 4.7-mile asphalt waterfront trail at Skipanon Park on SE 3rd St. The trail follows the Skipanon River and the Columbia River and offers beautiful scenery of the mighty Columbia River. Be sure to check it out!

Before you go fishing on the Warrenton, Oregon, trail, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations, and which species are in season. This will keep you out of trouble with the law. Also, there are certain spots along the trail where fishing is permitted..

Warrenton Police department

The city of Warrenton, Oregon, shares a police department with the nearby town of Hammond, Oregon. The police department is located in Warrenton, but it patrols both towns. The department is staffed by a combination of full-time and part-time officers and is responsible for a wide range of law enforcement activities, including traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, and community policing. The department also provides emergency medical services to both towns.

Warrenton, Oregon Marinas

The Warrenton marina is bigger than the Hammond marina and is home to larger boats, including commercial fishing boats and large charter boats. The marina is a great place to buy fresh fish right off the boats. You can often find commercial fishing boats selling fresh fish, including tuna, salmon, and even halibut.

When you fish for salmon on the Columbia River, you have a choice of two marinas: Warrenton or Hammond. Your choice of marina will depend on which section of the river you plan to fish.

Warrenton, Oregon, fishing

Both of these ports get extremely busy during the Buoy 10 salmon fishing season, which typically opens on August 1st. If you plan on fishing Buoy 10, be sure to book your fishing guide well in advance

I launch my boat from the Hammond Marina when I fish Buoy 10. Buoy 10 is a popular fishing spot, so it is advisable to reserve a charter well in advance. I keep my boat there because it is a great place to launch and close to the action.

Amenities in Warrenton

Warrenton, Oregon, has a few hotels so when fishing  chinook or Coho Salmon with me, I highly recommend staying either in Warrenton or the general Astoria area.

Be sure to check out the list of hotels and motels that I have put together. These are all reputable places that I would recommend. Just click on the link.

I have put together a list of restaurants in Astoria, Hammond, and Warrenton that I like. These are all reputable places that I would recommend. Just click on the link to see the list.

I wrote a blog post about Hammond, Oregon, which is a great place to offer guided fishing trips for salmon, sturgeon, and crab. Be sure to check it out!




A chinook salmon and a coho salmon caught at the Warrenton Oregon marina

This is a picture of a salmon that was caught in Warrenton, Oregon, and brought into the marina.

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