Today 9-8-2011 I had to guys that wanted to do some Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River, The river is catch and release this time of year, but that was ok because we were after the monster Sturgeon of the Columbia River anyway! I met up with Denny and Duane at 615 am at the fishery witch is just a few miles down River from Bonneville Dam.Both of the guys have fished with me on many different fishing trips.

So I headed down river from the fishery about 3 miles or so, I got my boat all lined up in one of my favorite spots to fish, we were in 73 feet of water, I tied a shad on the first rod and set it in the rod holder, did the same with the 2nd rod, and as I was baiting up my rod the first rod got a strike, and fish on, don’t think we had are lines in the water 5 minuet, then about 30 minuets later we had a 9 foot Sturgeon up to the boat.

After a few high fives we got are line back out, and I would say in around 10 minuets we had another Sturgeon on, this one was about 7 foot, landed and let go.

20 minuets later we had fish number 3 on about 8 foot, Duane and Denny are getting tired this fish are tough.

Then things kind of slowed we got about 10 or so Small Sturgeon, then all the sudden Duane sets the hook on one of the rod, line was just screaming off the real so the battle was on Duane fought this fish he was not going to give up, for a hour an a half, when we finely landed this huge Sturgeon well over 9 foot and 500 pounds.

Denny and Duane said they were tired and had a blast catching Sturgeon, and decided to call it a early day.
I hope tomorrow will be as good Salmon fishing for Duane and Denny as we will be hooking up at the boat ramp at 6:15 tomorrow morning.

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