Salmon fishing is open on the Columbia River in the Portland area (below Bonneville Dam) through April 7, 2023

I’ve fielded a few calls because news reports have stated that salmon fishing is closed. Those closures only affect the Pacific Ocean south of Cape Falcon (near Cannon Beach). The closures do not affect the spring chinook salmon fishery currently underway in the Columbia River.

As of this writing, we are planning to fish for spring chinook salmon in the Willamette River starting the second week of April, after the Columbia River closes. The Willamette River spring chinook fishery is largely a hatchery run and does not typically close like the Columbia River. The Willamette also offers a two-salmon limit, and springers are the tastiest fish around.

Another Willamette River bonus is that we are allowed to fish with barbed hooked, whereas hooks must be barbless when we fish on the Columbia. This results in more fish in the boat.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is predicting that 73,000 spring chinook will return to the Willamette River this year. That’s about 15,000 more salmon that showed up last spring.

Call me if you’d like to get in on the spring chinook salmon fishing this year!

Woman holds a spring chinook salmon caught near Portland, Oregon.

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