How to Catch Giant Sturgeon on the Columbia River.

Here is how Marvin’s Guide Service fishes for giant sturgeons on the Columbia River.

My guided giant sturgeon Fishing trips start in May for the Great White Sturgeon. I fish on the Columbia River below Bonneville Dam and the Dalles Dam.  This time of year, the Columbia River will be running fast, so you will need plenty of anchor rope. I recommend at least 300 feet of rope.

Columbia River Giant Sturgeon Bait.

One of the best baits for giant sturgeons is shad. The Shad will start returning to the Columbia River in May, by the thousands. When these shad spawn and die, the Columbia River is full of dead shad for sturgeons to feast on. Read more about shad on my shad fishing page. Yes, I use the whole 3-pound shad for bait.


Columbia River Sturgeon tackle.

When I am fishing for sturgeon, I use a glass rod that is rated for 50 to 100 pounds. I also use a fishing reel that can hold around 500 yards of 100-pound braided line. The reason I use such heavy tackle is that sturgeon are very powerful fish and can easily break lighter tackle.

When I fish for sturgeon on the Columbia River, I use a 12-ott hook baited with shad. I also use up to 48 ounces of lead to keep my bait on the bottom, since the river is flowing fast. I’ve found that using this combination allows me to catch a lot of fish, especially if I’m fishing in the right spots.


Columbia River Sturgeon Bite.

The fun part is that when the sturgeon starts to bite, it will take about 20 to 30 yards of line before you take it out of the rod holder. Make sure your drag is set really loose so the fish can take the bait.
Now take the rod out of the holder and slowly tighten up the drag, then set the hook, set it hard, and fish on! You will need to untie your anchor and drift down the Columbia River to land a giant sturgeon. When you go to release the giant sturgeon, be careful not to touch the gills, just take a quick picture and let the fish go.

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