Here is how Marvin’s Guide Service fishes for Giant Sturgeon on the Columbia River. Fishing starts in May for the great white Sturgeon. I fish on the Columbia River below Bonneville Dam,on the dead line which is a few miles down river from the fishery.
I like to fish in about 50 feet of water, the river is moving fast this time of year so be extra careful, have plenty of rope out.

Now I like to use Shad for bait, the whole Shad. 3 to 4 pounds average. The fun part is when the sturgeon starts to bite, make sure your drag is set real lose, so when the fish starts to bite it will take about 20 to 30 yards of line before you take it out of the rod holder.
Now take the rod out of the holder and slowly tighten up the drag, then set the hook, set it hard, Fish on!

Unhook your anchor and start to drift away and the fight is on!

When you go to release the giant Sturgeon be careful not to touch the gills, just take a quick picture and let the fish go.

go check out my Sturgeon page.

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