When shad start to show up in the Columbia and Willamette River, it means let the fun fishing trips began.

Columbia River shad fishing is fun and exciting on light tackle.

I am going to tell you how Marvin’s Guide Service fishes for shad, and also tell you a few places we fish for shad.

First of all, shad fishing is no big secret. It is a great fishery for kids as there is lots of action and they are a great fight. I like to call shad the poor man’s steelhead because they fight almost as good as a steelhead.

The first shad may show up by early May, but the fishing only gets better by June and early July. By early summer, literally millions of shad will be making their annual spawning runs in our local rivers.

All you need is a Dick Nite spoon, a spreader and a sinker. I use about a 24-inch leader on the spoon as well as on the sinker. I just back bounce it out away from the boat a little ways and it usually won’t be long and … Fish on!

Oregon City on the Willamette River is a very good spot to fish shad. I would anchor up in around 10 to 20 feet of water. However, be very careful, as the Willamette River is moving pretty fast this time of year.

On the Columbia River, you can fish just below or above the mouth of the Sandy River in the Troutdale area.

Now, probably the most popular spot on the Columbia River to fish for shad is in the Columbia River Gorge at what we call the Shad Rack, which is just up from Beacon Rock.

Shad is a great bait for Sturgeon fishing.

Call Marvin’s Guide Service today and get your shad and sturgeon fishing trip booked in June and July on the Columbia River.

Marvin’s Guide Service also will use shad for bait when crabbing is great in the fall.

A child holding a Columbia River shad that he caught.

Shad fishing is great for kids.

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