The Fist Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon of the season 2012 has been caught by a sportsman. It was a 12 to 14 pound Chinook Salmon caught off Frenchmen’s Bar. News like this gets everyone excited for the season.

Let’s talk a little bit about how Marvin’s Guides Service rigs up for Spring Chinook Salmon on the Columbia River, and Willamette River.

I use a Lamiglas rod, with a Okuma line counter reel filled with 65 pound test Tuf Line braid. Line counters are the way to go; you always know how deep you are fishing, and that is key in salmon fishing.

I put a slider on my main line for my dropper weight, then I slip 2 or 3 beads on the line. Then I tie a bead chain to the end of the main line. Next I tie about a 2 foot leader from the bead chain to a flasher, then I take a 2 foot piece of line from the flasher to another bead chain. Then I take my mooching rig which is around 4 to 5 feet and tie it to the bead chain. I use anywhere from 8 to 12oz of lead depending on the speed of the river.

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