How do I book a fishing Guide?

What do I expect from the fishing guide?

What does the fishing guide expect from me?
where does the guided fishing trip take place?



In this article, I’m going to answer all those questions, and help you to be prepared for your next guided fishing trip.

Question one how do I book a fishing guide?

There are many ways you may have found your Oregon guide. Maybe you did a Web search and you found him, so check out reviews. be sure to check his website and this social media.

Make sure on the reviews you just don’t focus on negative ones remember most guides take over 200 fishing trips a year and it is hard to please everybody. read a handful the reviews and get your own opinion of the guide before you call him.

Ask your guide how long he’s been in the business. Talk to him about a few other things try to see if this is somebody you would like to spend 8 hours on a boat with.

if all sounds good, book a fishing trip with him.

Question 2 what can I expect from a My guide?

You can expect your Guide to have a safe fishing boat with all the Safety equipment required by the United States Coastguard.

You also can expect your fishing guide to have top quality fishing gear and bait ready to go when you arrive at the Marina.
You also can expect your fishing guide to work hard for you, do the best he can to put you in the best situation to catch a salmon, or sturgeon, or Walleye.
Although there is no guarantee in fishing most guides will guarantee they will work hard for you. I can guarantee you as a guide myself I want fish in the boat more than you do. So I will work hard to make this happen.

Question 3 what does the fishing guide expect from me?

You’re a fishing guide will expect you to have your fishing license, appropriate clothing for the day, and your food and drink or any snacks that you might like to have for the day.

You’re fishing guide will also expect you to arrive at the Marina on time and ready to go.

Question 4 where this guided fishing trip takes place.

Locations vary on fishing trips and salmon in sturgeon are migrating up-and-down the Columbia and Willamette River.

Your guide will generally give you a couple locations that he possibly will be meeting at to give you an idea, then he will call you A-day or 2 before the trip to give you the exact meaning location to give you the best opportunity to put fish in the boat.

Any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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