With Summer finally coming, there is plenty of fish to be caught on the Columbia River. Here are a few of my favorites:

June Shad – the Columbia River gets a ton of shad in June, following the end of the Spring Chinook salmon migration. This is a great fishery for kids because there is always a lot of consistent action. I also like to use shad for Sturgeon bait. Shad fishing with light tackle always ensures a good time.

Summer Dinos – If you are after a monster fish over 8 feet and 400 pounds or more, well, then, let go do some Sturgeon fishing. You will catch these Sturgeon on the Columbia River all the way into September, with fishing just 30 minuets from down town Portland Oregon.

Summer Steelhead
– fishing on the Columbia river is great, we also fish Steelhead just 30 minuets from down town Portland Oregon.

August Salmon – Now you should be really excited. Astoria, Oregon, Buoy 10 salmon fishing at the mouth of the Columbia River just might be some of the best salmon fishing Oregon and Washington have to offer. King salmon can get up to 50 pounds. And believe me when I say there is good salmon action, I mean good. Astoria is about a 2 hour drive from Portland, Oregon.

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King Salmon

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