August is around the corner do you know what that means? Buoy 10 salmon on the mouth of the Columbia River.

Buoy10 salmon fishing is very popular people come from around the world to fish here.

Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife are predicting a great run of Chinook salmon and Coho Salmon.

I’m very excited about the upcoming salmon season.

this is by far my favorite time of year to fish King Salmon.

I actually start fishing for salmon out of Astoria Oregon in the middle of July in the ocean.

September the Columbia River er in the lower part will be full of coho salmon.

More than likely in September the limit for coho salmon should be 3 each.

Also, in September we will drop crab pots to add to your adventure.

I tell you what, it does not get much better fresh salmon, and fresh crab.

Call me today and let’s talk about your Buoy 10 salmon fishing trip.

October, we have Tillamook Bay for salmon and crab fishing.

Maybe you just love crab. November is time for crab, you will be in the comfort of my 29-foot covered and heated boat for a crab fishing trip. November itis very easy to get limits of crab.

Oregon limit for crab is 12 each. cooking crab is no problem because at the marina they offer crab cooking for you.  Also, the marina can vacuum pack your catch and prepare it to ship.

limits of salmon at Bouy 10

Pots full o Crab

Limits of Oregon Dungeness Crab.





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