Now that the Chinook Salmon season is shut down on the Columbia River below Tongue Point, and I have to say there was some great Salmon fishing down there, it is time to start doing some salmon fishing in the Portland, Oregon, area.

One of the fist places I will be Salmon fishing is down by the I 205 bridge on the Columbia River. You can fish a few different ways here one way I like to fish is trolling with a jet diver and an Alvin wobbler. Also sitting on the hook works great with a Alvin when the water is moving enough.

Next up, mid-September will be on the Columbia River just below Bonneville Dam. I will be back trolling with a jet diver and a quick fish. You don’t want to miss out on September salmon fishing on the Columbia River, this is a great time to put some fresh Salmon in you freezer.

After September 10th you will be allowed to keep to Chinook Salmon on the Columbia river.
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