Crazy! Here it is almost Christmas and we’re talking about Spring Chinook salmon fishing in Oregon. That’s because Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is predicting a run of 83,400 Chinook Salmon on the Willamette River this Spring. That number is slightly higher than last year’s return of 80,254. With Chinook salmon numbers like that they should be high enough for a seven-day-a-week fishery and a two fish limit when the fishing season in opens in January.

We will have to wait until January to know for sure the exact day’s we can fish salmon.

I know I’m very excited for the Spring fishery on the Willamette because the spring of 2011 was very good and now, to say there will be more spring salmon on the Willamette in 2012, has gotten everybody excited.

Marvin’s Guide Service will be Spring salmon fishing on the lower Willamette River from the head of the Multnomah Channel on down to the mouth of the Willamette River.

Marvin’s Guide Service has a nice top and a heater where you will be warm and dry while you fish in the spring. Call Marvin today a get your Spring Chinook salmon fishing trip for 2012 in the books.

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