What to expect fishing on the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington? What kind of fish will we find?

The Columbia is home to many species of fish like salmon, sturgeon steelhead shad, Walleye And of course, all the pan fish like bass, perch and blue gill.

Although species like salmon and steelhead is a seasonal fishery where the Columbia River has 3 runs come in in the spring, summer and fall.

The fall salmon on the Columbia River is by far the most popular the Columbia River has to offer. Fishing guides and charters and people from all over flock to come fish the world-famous Buoy 10 on the mouth of the Columbia for Salmon.

Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River is a year-round activity. However, most sturgeon fishing is catch and release only. When sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River, it is very common to land in Monster Sturgeon up to 12 feet long. If you plan on fishing sturgeon on the Columbia, be sure to check with Oregon Department of Fish and wildlife or Washington Department of Fish and wildlife to keep yourself out of trouble.


10-foot sturgeon

Giant Sturgeon caught with Marvins’s guide service.

Marvin’s guide service offers catch and release trips for Sturgeon on the Columbia year-round. Sturgeon fishing trips will take place in the Portland and Columbia River Gorge area.

Walleye fishing on the Columbia is very popular and just happens to be one of Marvin’s guide service favorite fisheries.

Some are the best Walleye fishing the Columbia River has to offer is on the Upper River between Rufus, OR and Borgman, OR. If you like fish tacos, you’re sure to like walleye. And then we’re talking the Upper River you will love the breathtaking scenery in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

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Three clients holding up three Chinook salmon and one coho fishing the Columbia River

Three clients holding limits of salmon they caught on the Columbia River.

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