Friday morning on the Columbia river, in the Columbia gorge I had 3 clients.There names were Dwabase_mediane, his wife Debie and jim from Troutdale.

Dwane and Debie came all the way from the Tri-Cities. They have fished with me before in Tillamook bay and have had success.

I met the 3 of them at 6:30 am at the fishery on the Columbia River. We started the day out fishing for shad. Shad fishing was spotty but we managed to get 6 or 7 shad. All of them were pretty small which is perfect for Sturgeon bait.

The first spot I anchored we had no success.I moved 2 or 3 times and we started to get a few bites.

The first fish we had on it was probably a keeper but we lost it..

When I threw Dwanes pole back out it wasn’t 5 minutes and he got another bite.This time we landed it. It was a nice fat 49 inch Sturgeon.

A couple hours went by and Debbies pole SLAMMED to the water!! Dwane grabbed it and set the hook. I knew instantley this was a big fish.

Dwane handed Debbie the pole and the fight was on. Let me tell ya this lady is tuff!! She faught this fish for about 30 minutes before she gave the pole to Dwane. I think she wore the fish out for Dwane!! LOL.

An hour and 15 minutes went buy and we had finally landed this fish. It was around 8 foot 3-400 pounds.

It turned out to be a great day on the river.

I want to give a special thanks to jim for all the pictures and video he took. Videos and post should be on website soon.

I look forward to fishing with these 3 again soon.

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