Would you like some tips on knot tying?

With Columbia River Spring salmon coming up soon here is a few tips on tying a good knot when Fishing.

Before you pull the knot tight wet the line, this will help to lubricate the line, and also help with abrasion and it will make the line easier to pull the line together.

Make sure the knot is good and tight by pulling hard on the line, a lose knot could come unraveled when fighting that big Salmon or Sturgeon!

Be careful when you trim the knot, make sure you don’t nick the line. After you trim it pull hard on the line again just to make sure it still is nice and tight.

Check your knots often look for abrasion or lose knots. If have any doubt at all in the line or knot cut it off and start over.

I hope these tips on knot tying help you catch more salmon, sturgeon and walleye.

Oregon department of fish and wildlife are predicting a great run of spring salmon on the Columbia and Willamette River.


tips on knot tying?

here are a few different knots to use.

Now get out on the Columbia River and catch some Salmon.

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