Tillamook bay salmon


King salmon fishing in Tillamook Bay, Oregon, begins in September, and we fish and crab at the end of October.
There are some really big salmon in this bay. We also have great crab fishing in the bay.

Where can I launch a boat in Tillamook Bay?

The main boat ramp for the bay is Garabalidi Marina. click here for directions to the marina,

Crabbing Tillamook.

What I like to do is drop my crab pots in the morning before we start fishing for salmon. I will drop my crab pots along the jetty or in the crab harbor. then come back to my crab pots a few times a day, put fresh bait in them, and get crabs out.

What kind of salmon live in the bay?

Chinook salmon and Cohoo salmon can both be caught in Tillamook Bay. The salmon in Tillamook Bay are great and really fresh; they are right out of the ocean.We do a lot of salmon fishing right at the mouth of the bay. I like to troll with cut plug hearing and hole hearing. I will often also use a spinner and a flsher for bait.
Come to Tillamook Bay and see if you can get that 30-pound king salmon. Book with Marvin’s guide service today.

Marvin’s fishing guide service will help you have a great day of salmon fishing and crab fishing in the bay.

Learn more about Tillamook by seeing my fishing page here.

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