welch-salmonKing Salmon fishing Tillamook Bay Oregon begins in September and we fish and crab threw November.
There are some really big Salmon in this bay. We also have great crab fishing in the Bay.

What I like to do is drop my crab pots in the morning before we start to salmon fish.
then come back to my crab pots a few times a day and put fresh bate in them and get crab out.

The Salmon in Tillamook bay are great and really fresh they are right out of the ocean.

We do a lot of salmon fishing right on the jaws with is the mouth of the bay.
I like to troll with cut plug hearing and hole hearing.

Come to Tillamook Bay and see if you can get that 50 pound King Salmon.

Marvin’s fishing guide service will help you have a great day of salmon fishing and crab fishing in the bay.

Here is Debbie with a salmon she got last season. she also went home with a cooler full of crab.


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