Today i had 3 guys salmon fishing on the Columbia river right in the Portland Oregon area.They were Gary, Donn and Mike.

I have been there fishing guide for 6 or 7 years now.We have had some great success in the past years for salmon and sturgeon.
Today on the Columbia river it was very slow for salmon.
We trolled for awhile and then anchored.We only saw 1 wild salmon caught.

So i decided to head 6 or 7 miles up the Columbia River and troll all the way back down to the I5 bridge.

Sorry to say we did not even see 1 salmon caught.The guys that fished with me understood because they have been on the river many times and seen good and bad.

Mike says he is really looking forward to fishing with me in june on the Columbia river up by Bonneville damn for sturgeon and shad.

By the way you couldnt ask for a more beautiful day on the Columbia river.

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