Sturgeon fishing Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, with Rod Hill from KGW TV news.

I received a phone call from Rod Hill from KGW TV Channel 8 News saying that he wanted to do a segment of fishing called Rod on the job.  KGW Sturgeon fishing date was set, Sturgeon on the Willamette River.

Rod Hill will be meeting me at Jantzen beach where my boat was moored.  To start the day, Rod was about 30 minutes late.

When Rod got in the boat and before we departed, we talked for 10 minutes or so of what are plans were and a little bit of sturgeon fishing.

headed down the Columbia River towards the Willamette River, close to downtown Portland. Sturgeon fishing is better this time of year on the Willamette, as Columbia River will run 6 to 7 degrees colder than the Willamette.

When we arrived at the spot on the Willamette River, we set the anchor. I explained to Rod how the sturgeon would bite and fight.

We cast the first fishing rod out, I was explaining to Rod how to cast the second fishing rod out we got a bite on the rod I cast out.

Then I yelled to Rod to grab it and set the hook.

Rod yells I’m not ready, but the battle was on. Sturgeon fishing was red hot, only fished for about 35 minutes Rod Hill landed 4 nice-sized sturgeons.

Well, Rod Hill was worn out, and he said, I’m done!

Now I’m excited to see the footage, which will air in a few weeks on KGW News.

Call me and tell me you saw Rod Hill, and let’s hook you up in Portland, Oregon, for sturgeon fishing.

The upcoming season is the world-famous Buoy 10 salmon season.

Fish and wildlife are saying we are going to have a great run of Chinook salmon on the Columbia River this season. Fishing on the Columbia River at Buoy 10 will last until September 7th.

On September 8th, we will still be in the Buoy 10 area as the season switch’s over to target Coho Salmon.

Coho salmon will continue through early October.

September and October can offer combination salmon and crab trips to add to your adventure.


Dungeness crab caught on the Columbia River in a bag.

Limits of Dungeness crab.



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