I just had to tell this story, I was fishing on Tillamook Bay in Oregon for king salmon on 10-18-10.

My clients and I left the Garibaldi boat dock around 7:30am. We headed out on the bay toward the jetty, I dropped my crab pots on the north side of the South jetty over by the number 6 marker. Then, we headed back towards the ghost hole. We fished there for a few hours with no luck. We decided to go check our crab pots, we had pretty good luck on the crabs.

After I put fresh bait in the crab pots, I headed out toward the tower and fished there for a few hours, not much going on there.

I decided to go across the jetty to the north side of the south jetty and troll back toward my crab pots.

I got half way back with one of the rods hammered to the bay, we set the hook and fish on then, I looked at the other rod and it was also hammered to the water 2 fish on!

When we got the Salmon close to the boat I thought the lines were tangled, I got the Salmon in the net, and started to look at the lines and guess what? The salmon had both baits in it’s mouth. That’s right he hit both rods and all 4 hooks were in its mouth, but this was one nice 35 pound Salmon.

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