Updated 4/3/2024.

Salmon fishing in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington area is starting heat up!

Spring salmon are one of the best eating salmon the NW have to offer.
I will continue to salmon fishing in the Portland Oregon on the lower part of the Willamette River through the early part of June. Book your spring salmon trip by clicking here.

Middle of June we switch over to summer chinook salmon. Thie summer chinook fishery is mainly done on the Columbia River which borders Oregon and Washington. Will you Several different boat launches when fishing for summer chinook salmon depending on water conditions and weather. also, I take into consideration the Salmon counts over Bonneville Dam.  When fishing spring salmon and summer salmon, I use several different boat ramps in the Portland, OR and Columbia River Gorge area.

Walleye fishing on the Columbia River has also started to really pick up and will continually get better and better.
Walleye fishing also is done on the Columbia River in the Rufus Oregon area. If you’ve never had a walleye fish taco, you’re going to have try it.

Here is a nice recipe for walleye fish tacos you might want to try.

mix some eggs together, throw some garlic salt and pepper. Coated the fillet, then cover it with breadcrumbs. Let it sit for 5 min. Heat up olive oil in a skillet, then cook for just a few minutes each side, and enjoy. My Opinion, there’s no better eating than a walleye taco.

Maybe you like a challenge, maybe you want to catch a river monster. If the sound fun for you Let’s go catch Columbia River Monster Sturgeon.

Sturgeon will be ranging between 4 and 10′ long. Reminder sturgeon catch and release only. Bring your camera and be ready for some fantastic photo opportunities.
Salmon, Sturgeon, Walleye, give me a call I will get you hooked up for some great fishing action in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver Washington area.  503-314-5087



Giant Columbia River Sturgeon.

Monster Sturgeon on the Columbia River in The Dalles


Salmon fishing Portland Oregon.

Salmon fishing Portland Oregon.

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