Salmon fishing on the Columbia River in Portland Oregon is set to reopen June 16th, 2023. Officially, they switch over from spring salmon to summer salmon. A lot of us locals like me will call them June hogs, as the average salmon is 20 pounds or bigger. All salmon must be fin clipped.

Salmon fishing, Portland OR is a great time to do a combination salmon, sturgeon trip. However, just remember, sturgeon is catching release only. Awesome fishing, but you may not keep a sturgeon.

Marvin’s guide service likes to do these salmon sturgeon combo on the Columbia River, around the 205-bridge located just minutes from the Portland Airport.

Also, this time of year, the shad are very thick. So usually when we’re anchored for salmon, we will have one fishing rod out for shad, which offers continuous action.

So basically, fishing with Marvin you’re doing a salmon sturgeon shad combo trip doesn’t get much better than that.

Middle of July Marvin will head down to Columbia River to Astoria OR. July is a lot of fun crossing the Columbia River Bar fishing Coho and Chinook Salmon are thick and plenty of them to catch.

Then the world-famous Buoy 10 will open up August 1st. You’re not going to want to miss this. This world-renowned fishery.

For the Buoy 10 fishing. We will be meeting our clients at the Hammond OR Marina.

Marvin will also offer Sturgeon trips in July on lower Columbia River around the Astoria OR area.

Be sure to call Marvin today and talk to him about his salmon sturgeon, walleye or shad trips that he has available.



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