Today 4-3 Salmon I’m taking 2 clients out for spring salmon on the Columbia River out of Portland Oregon.

We meet up around 6:45 am on Jensen beach at the marina.  I run up the Columbia River about 2 miles above the I 5 bridge. We let are  lines out 3 lines are baited with herring and 1 rod has a spinner. We start trolling down the Columbia River 5 miles or so no bites.  So we headed back up the Columbia River to do anther pass.

We let are lines out again and start trolling down river when all the sudden the rod in the front of the boat get a bite, witch was on a herring.

the rods slams to water, but the fish did not get hooked.

then seconds later the back rod witch has a spinner on it slams to the water, and fish on!

we land this 11 pound Columbia River Spring salmon.



Columbia River Spring Salmon

Now we all are talking and wondering if it was the same fish the hit the front rod or was it a different salmon?

I said we will probably never know.

Well, I was wrong when we got back to the marina a few hours later it was time to fillet this Chinook Salmon.

I start my cut and take my knife all the way up to the gills of the fish, when I got to the throat area a herring was there, and there was no doubt it is the Herring from my front rod.

Was this Chinook Salmon really hungry or really mad?

Bad day for the salmon. but great day for us.

I will continue to fish Spring salmon threw mid June.

I wonder what the next wild story may be.

Pleas fell free to leave your comments and tell me you wild story’s on the river.



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