Let’s talk about Marvin’s plans to start Portland salmon fishing 2024.

One of the places Marvin likes to fish for spring salmon is located right in the heart of Portland, in between the I5 and 205 bridges on the Columbia River. There are a few different ways to fish for spring salmon here.

My favorite way is trolling with hearing. Trolling is a lot like hunting; you are searching for the salmon. Another great technique is to anchor, using a jet diver and a quick fish. This is extremely good when the Columbia is running fast!

As the month of April winds down, I work my way up the Columbia River to the Bonneville Dam area, where I anchor with spinners. I have had great success on the Columbia River for spring salmon.

You can make your choice between the heart of Portland or the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

Willamette River Portland,Oregon

After the Columbia River closes, Marvin will move into the lower Willamette River near the head of the channel and the mouth of the river.

Marvin will continue salmon fishing in the Willamette River into late June. Read more about Willamette River fishing here.

forecast is up for the Columbia and Willamette Rivers from the past few years.  With the forecast, Portland Salmon Fishing 2024 has me very excited.


Portland,Oregon restaurants.

Here is a list of a few places Marvin likes to eat dinner at in and around Portland. Restaurants

Salmon fishing portland oregon

Fishing Salmon on the Willamette River.

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