Oregon and Washington salmon fishing.

Spring is one of the most pouplar times to fish chickook salmon on the Columbia River. Fishimg guides like myself will start spring salmon fishing trips in March.

Generally the Columbia River  will close to salmon fishing on the Columbia sotime in April.   After the Columbia closes we will star salmon fishing on the lower Willamette River in the Portland,Oregon area.

Oregon and Washington sturgeon fishing.

Sturgeon fishing is a year around fishey. However most Sturgeon fishing in Oregon and Washigtion is catch and relase only. You will want to check with Oregon or Washigtion fish and game before you harvest a sturgeon.

Here are a few different species that I target on the Columbia River outside of Oregon and Washington.

Chinook salmon is one of the most sought-after fish that the Columbia River has to offer.

Columbia River Chinook Salmon

If you’re fishing for Chinook salmon on the Columbia River and Willamette River, let’s hook you up starting in March.

Depending on the size of the run, it will depend on how long Oregon department of fish and wildlife and Washington department of Fish and Wildlife will leave the season open on the Columbia River.
We can usually fish salmon on the Columbia River in the early part of April, this year, 2024, we can fish salmon into mid-April.

Then we switch over to summer salmon, still fishing the Columbia River.

Fall salmon will start on August 1st and run through the early part of October on the Columbia River in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, areas.

Oregon’s  and Washington’s Columbia Rivers also have some of the best sturgeon fishing in the world!

It is very common to catch sturgeon up to 10′ long; however, sturgeon this big must be released.

Sturgeon fishing is generally year-round.

Maybe you’re visiting Oregon or Washington and you want to try walleye fishing.
Walleye fishing is awesome on the Columbia River.

I love fish tacos made from Walleye.

Walleye fishing generally starts in the spring on the Columbia River.
Season on Walleye Depending on the weather, it starts in the spring.

Or maybe you’re coming to Washington or Oregon, and you want steelhead.
Columbia river offers great steelhead.

If you’re thinking about coming to Oregon or Washington, give me a call and let’s talk about salmon fishing, sturgeon fishing, and walleye fishing.

When you fish the Columbia River with Marvin’s Guide Service, you will be fishing from the comfort of a 27′ covered and heated boat.

Oregon and Washington guide boat.

Covered and heated boat

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