Oregon walleye fishing on the Columbia River is practically a year-round activity. Marvin’s guide service will do most of his walleye fishing in the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge up by Rufus, Oregon.

What is the size limit of the Oregon walleye?

Walleye range anywhere from 2 to 15 pounds. However, we like to let the big females go to keep those fisheries strong. There is no size limit on walleye in Oregon.

Walleyes are aggressive elusive and sly, making them an incredible catch. Columbia River. Walleye just happened to be one of my favorites to eat. The fish tacos are unbelievable.

When is Oregon walleye season?

Although you can fish walleye on the Columbia River year-round, my favorite time happens to be in the spring.

Columbia River Walleye will start spawning in in late March or early spring Generally, the water is warmer, that will make the walleye more active. Also, when fishing in the spring, the weather is warmer, which makes for a much more comfortable day on the Columbia River.

How to fish for Columbia River walleye.

There are many different ways to fish for Columbia River Walleye, from jigging to trolling. Myself, Marvin’s guide service, one of my favorite ways is trolling with a bottom Walker and a worm harness. When we’re trolling on the Columbian River, you can cover lots of ground and find where the walleye is feeding. We will generally fish gravel bars anywhere from five feet up to 30 feet of water.

There’s an old saying, if there’s one walleye in a hole, there’s going to be another one, generally. They will be a few schooled up together. One of my favorite tricks to do is, when I hook a walleye, I mark it on my GPS. And within minutes, I’m trolling back over that same spot.

There are many experts who believe the next world record walleye will come from Oregon on the Columbia River.

If you’d like to learn more about my walleye fishing trips or even book a guided trip, click here.

Or learn about the Walleye themselves. Here’s an article from Oregon Department and Fish and wildlife.




Oregon walleye fishing on the Columbia River.

father and son with Walley caught in Oregon on the Columbia River.

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