Let’s talk a little about launching a boat, how to make it easy and safe for everybody.
Here are a few things I like to do before I back my boat down the ramp.

Here are a few thigs I do to make launching a boat Made Easy.

First, I pull to the side, out of the way, of everybody. Immediately I put the drain plug in the boat; this probably is the most important thing you will do, and too many boats are lost every year because of this little task. Then, take the back tie straps off if you use them. Load anything from the truck to the boat.

Please, please don’t back half-way down the boat ramp then decide it is time to get the boat ready. All this does is make everybody mad. Have the boat ready before you back down the ramp.

If it is dark out, and if you can, please turn your headlights off, parking lights will work just fine.

When you’re at the bottom of the ramp, headlights aim right up and the next guy to come down, blinding him. It really sets people off when they can’t see. It is also a good idea to make sure your door is shut when you get out to grab the boat.

an open door can block the other launch lanes. Tie the boat to the dock and get your trucked parked as soon as you can, please don’t stop and say hi to your buddies until your truck is off the ramp. Remember the next guy is just as excited to go Salmon, or Sturgeon fishing as you.

Hope everybody has a safe boating season and hope you all catch lots of salmon, sturgeon and walleye.


your Guide standing next to the boat.

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