Here is one way you can rig up with a jet diver for Salmon on the Columbia River.

Have your jet diver on about 18 inch line with a snap swivel hooked up to the jet diver, then on the other end of the line, I like to have a bead chain swivel. Slide the bead chain on to your line, now place 2 or 3 beads, what ever color you like. Then take a bead chain swivel and tie it to the end of your line.

Take some line I like to use 30lb test tie it to the bead chain, make this line 4 foot, now you can tie a quick fish to the end of the line or a spinner whatever you like.

The first Spring Salmon of 2010 on the Columbia River has been caught.

I do believe we are going to have a great season on the Columbia River for salmon!
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