If you’re looking to fill up the freezer, or if you just want to get spoiled with some hot fishing action, then you need to do some fishing deep Sea Fishing on the Oregon Coast.

Venturing out onto the Pacific Ocean to do some deep-Sea Fishing Astoria Oregon brings a peaceful seclusion from hordes of anglers often found on Oregon’s Rivers, and, oftentimes, non-stop fishing action.

. Oregon’s coastline is home to a variety of fish, but we’re mostly fond of Rockfish and Lingcod.

These fish like to cling around deep reefs and rocky outcroppings which provide shelter and an abundance of food. Rockfish and Lingcod are also some of the best table fare in the Pacific Ocean. I Personally, like rock fish for tacos.

Baked, fried, poached, it’s hard to go wrong with these fish. Fishing for Rockfish and Lingcod is a fairly simple affair. If you have done much bass or perch fishing on lakes and ponds, a lot of what we use will look familiar, just on a much larger scale.

These fish are aggressive feeders, so bait is generally not necessary. They do live down in some deep water, so heavy jigs are sent down to the ocean floor to entice the toothy Lingcod.

Rockfish are attracted to small shrimp flies, which we tie onto the same leader as the Lingcod jig. It is not uncommon to catch two and even three fish at the same time.

While out on the ocean, there is a lot of sightseeing to do as well. You can see the coastline of Oregon from the Ocean to get a whole new look at steep cliffs and rock formations. It is common to see whales migrating and dolphins might even swim by for an appearance. We are excited to start offering guided trips for Rockfish, Lingcod and even Halibut this year. Give us a call now to book your trip for some awesome fishing along the Oregon Coast.

I will launch my boat from the Hammond Marina.

Here’s a small list of places I like to eat around Astoria.

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limits of rock fish

Limits of rockfish laying on the deck of the boat




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