Columbia River sturgeon season 2023 opened January 1 in the Bonneville pool.

In my 24 years of guiding for Sturgeon this was for sure a different season. Oregon and Washinton department of fish and wildlife made this a 3-day week fishery.

Two people showing off their caught sturgeon, which are lying on the dock.

You were allowed to harvest a sturgeon if it was legal size 38 inch being the smallest and 54 inch being the biggest.

Fishing days were allowed on Monday Wednesday and Saturday only. Let’s say I was not happy with the season dates.

When opening day arrived, I was over amazed on the number of boats on the Columbia River

The Hood River marina parking lot was full at 5 am.

In years past if there were 50 or 60 boats it was a crowded day. I really think there could have easily been close to 1000 boats.

Opening day along with nice weather allowed for extremely good sturgeon fishing.

Most people were getting limits of sturgeon early.

Day 2 of Columbia River sturgeon fishing stayed excellent again with boat along with bank anglers getting limits of sturgeon.

With extremely good weather and excellent fishing it caused lots of pressure and lots of sturgeon harvested we met are quota of 645 sturgeon in 6 days.

Fish managers of Oregon and Washington decided it would be best to close the sturgeon season on Wednesday January 11th, 2023.

Catch and release sturgeon will stay open 7 days a week on the Columbia River.

Marvin’s Guide Service will continue to offer catch and release sturgeon trips all year long.

Call me today and let’s set up a Sturgeon fishing trip for you.




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