Columbia River Big numbers of Steelhead continue to go over Bonneville Dam with over double the return rate this year than last.

Peak passage last year took place in mid-August but now is the time to go as water temperatures will rise, putting catch rates on the drop. Small brass and red spinners should take fish along shore edges in the gorge, Oak tree, and Shad rack. The current is very fast so use caution when you anchor

Sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River Gorge has been fair to good. with Shad being the best bait.
Sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River Gorge will close soon the last day you can keep a Sturgeon in the Gorge is the last Saturday of July.

Buoy 10 Fishing starts August 1. with experts saying We going to have a fantastic Salmon season this August and September! Predictions are 600,000 + Chinook Salmon, and 385,000 + Coho Salmon.
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