August 2023
– Buoy 10 fishing the crazy fishery on the mouth of the Columbia River Buoy 10 King Salmon fishing. You should be excited about this one, I know I am. With big numbers of Chinook salmon, one of the big returns predicted this year and a great run of Sliver Salmon it will be a wild time with lots of hook ups. with both chinook salmon and coho salmon.

I’m going to talk a little bit about how and where I like to fish when fishing Buoy 10 around Astoria, Oregon. Note, this is a big river with lots of good places to fish for Salmon, so these places are not all inclusive.

Early in the season I like to Salmon fish at Buoy 10 on a incoming tide. I will start my troll at the buoy and start trolling up river with the tide I go around 2 miles then head back to buoy 10 and start fishing again.

One of my favorite spots have to be the sawdust pile, witch is located up river from the Hammond boat launch on the Oregon side a few miles, I like to fish out by the green buoy, again I troll with the tide.

I will rig up 2 fishing rods with a delta diver and then pull a fish flash, and a herring, then I will rig up 2 fishing rods with a lead as my dropper then use a fish flash and a spinner, size of lead depends on tide, anywhere from 12 to 20 oz is what I like.

Salmon caught with Marvins Guide Service

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