Buoy 10 season is over for 2012 and, I have to say, for Chinook Salmon it was one of the best years I ever had, As much as I love fishing Buoy 10 I am glad to be home, being away from the family for a month is hard for any fisherman.

I bet you are going to ask, “now what?” Well, all of these Chinook Salmon have moved up into the Portland and Vancouver area, so that means you can catch Chinook Salmon in my back yard. I will be fishing Chinook salmon from the I-5 Bridge to Bonneville Dam until mid-September and, like always, I expect some great fishing here.

Up next is October that means Tillamook Bay and big King Salmon, in addition to Salmon fishing I will put crab pots into the bay where you can expect pots full of fresh dungeness crab. I will fish Tillamook Bay into early November or longer depending on if Mother Nature will let me.

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