Buoy 10 which is on the mouth of the Columbia River opened August 1st for Salmon fishing.
Fish and wildlife are saying we are going to have a great Salmon season this August and September on the Columbia River.
Predictions are 600,000 + Chinook Salmon, and 385,000 + Coho Salmon.
Don’t miss out on this great Action on the Columbia River.

The fist place to get in the Action is in Astoria Oregon on the lower Columbia River, I fish salmon in this area throughout August.
I will fish from the Astoria bridge down river to Buoy 10.

Then in September I will be fishing in the Portland Oregon area, there are some really great places to fish, start out right in font of the Portland Airport, fish on the Oregon side of the River, then about mid September I move up the Columbia River about 25 miles just below the Dam.

Were ever you salmon fish this year it is going to be great.

I wish you all good luck and I will see you on the River soon.

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