December 8th/2012

Holy crap, it was crazy it was wild, there were happy people and very pissed off people, yes I’m talking about yesterday at the Oregon fish and wildlife commission meeting.

Here’s whats going to be new in 2013 on the Columbia River. Commission voted 4-2 to ban gillnetting on the main stem of the Columbia River.

Barbless hook requirement on the Columbia River and selected tributaries for Salmon and Steelhead therefore, beginning in 2013, barbless hooks will be required in the mainstem Columbia River up to the OR/WA border and some lower tributaries.

For 2013 the following tributaries will be restricted to barbless hooks:

Northwest Zone

Youngs River from Hwy 101 bridge upstream to markers at confluence with Klaskanine River.
Lewis and Clark River from Hwy 101 bridge upstream to Alternate Hwy 101 bridge.
Walluski River from confluence with Youngs River upstream to Hwy 201 bridge.
Gnat Creek from railroad bridge upstream to Aldrich Point Road.
Knappa/Blind Slough select areas.

Willamette Zone

Willamette River mainstem below Willamette Falls, includes the Multnomah Channel and Gilbert River.
Lower Clackamas River upstream to Hwy 99E bridge.

You will be allowed to keep 1 Sturgeon in 2013, with complete closure of Sturgeon in 2014.

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