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  1. I would like to book for Spring Salmon, when are you available? I preferred on Friday trip if possible.

  2. I have a business trip ending June 17, and interested in fishing on the 18th. There would be 2 of us. One will be flying back Saturday night out of Portland. Can you let me know availability an options.
    Thanks, Scott

    • Hi, you have a few options you could do the Giants sturgeon, which sturgeon up to 10 feet long. However sturgeon is catch and release Or you could do salmon fishing salmon is Catch and keep. Please call me and I’d be happy to go over all the details with you.

  3. Trying to book a trip for my husband. Please let me know if July 2nd full day for 4 people would be available.

    • As of right now it is open. as of right now it is open. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience and I’ll be happy to get you hooked up

  4. One person, full day salmon fishing sept 7 or 8? Do you have a spot for my husband?

    • Sorry I’m booked

  5. I’d like to book a half day spring salmon fishing trip for two on a Saturday in April. Do you offer half days on Saturdays?

    • in the spring time most trips are full day

  6. What kind of fishing is available fir the first week in May?

    • Salmon Sturgeon or walleye

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