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Walleye Fishing in Oregon & Washington

The Columbia & Willamette rivers have had some record Oregon Walleye fish weighing in at over 18 and 19 pounds, it’s not hard to believe what many people say – the next world record walleye will be coming out of the Columbia River system. Though fishing for walleye can be done all year round, here in the Lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers around Portland, Oregon, walleye fishing is best in the summer months starting late June and right on through September.


Walleye fishing on the Columbia River Oregon and Washington generally involves trolling crank baits or night crawlers on worm harnesses in 10-30 feet of water. Once we find them, it’s time to switch up to jigs and blade baits and work the area for more. Round head jigs with a night crawler or curly tail grub often result in some of the best Walleye action. Swim baits can also be jigged effectively, and make a great bait for larger walleye.

Walleye make excellent table fare, and many will claim that they’re the best eating fish. We might argue that some of our more popular native fish are a bit better though. These toothy predators can be elusive and shy on one day, and aggressive feeders the next. Fun to fish on light tackle, Walleye fishing in Oregon is a blast!

At Marvin’s Guide Service, we fish walleye in Portland throughout the lower Willamette River, Multnomah Channel, and the lower Columbia River up to Bonneville Dam.
Many people believe the world record Walleye will be caught on the Columbia River.

Columbia River Walleye

8 pound Walleye caught on the Columbia River



  1. Hello,

    Wondering if you have a boat available this Thursday or Fri (10/1 or 10/2) for Walleye, for 2 anglers, out of Biggs Junction or anywhere further east? Any info is much appreciated.


    • Hi, right now I am doing salmon fishing. Are you interested in doing that or strictly walleye right now?

  2. I am from California, my friend is from Bellingham, WA. We want to join up in mid July to go walleye fishing. Is this a good time for the Portland area?

    • Yes you can find some walleye in the Portland area. However in July I am chasing steelhead and salmon. If that interests you please give me a call and I would be happy to hook you up. 503 – 314 – 5087

  3. When do you run for walleye for keepers ?? Thanks

    • Walleye fishing is very good right now.

  4. Will walleye fishing be good for keepers in July or August as well those are months were looking to come up n do fishing. Also how many per person per day can you keep.

    • In July and August, I am strictly fishing salmon and that is very very good if you’re interested in that.

  5. We are coming to Washington in Sept, about the 3rd week.. My husband would like to fish Walleye and Salmon… Can you do that on one day of fishing? We would like to go during the week so not to be as busy and maybe have more luck..
    Could you be totally honest and say whether it is good fishing for Walleye?

    • In September I’m strictly salmon fishing. I would be happy to hook you up, please feel free to call me or email with any questions

  6. How many can you keep daily per person

  7. Are you doing walleye fishing out Chinook Landing?

    • We do do quite a bit of walleye fishing out of Chinook Landing. We also use other locations. It all depends on where the best opportunity lays that time of year

  8. Are you doing any walleye fishing at this time?

    • Yes we are. If you watch Good Day Oregon on channel 12 Wednesday we will be doing walleye fishing on live TV

  9. Marvin im thinking of booking a trip with u..a friend said u were featured yesterday on good day oregon on kptv..I cant find a link to the story on their web sight..can u supply me with it

  10. To clarify marvin it was the walleye fishing on good day Oregon wed may 3rd

    • Yes please give me a call and I would be happy to find you a date.

      • Marvin I want to watch your walleye video on kptv good day oregon..can u please send me a link to it?

        • Sorry it was a live show. There is no link. In the next few weeks kptv will send me a video of the highlights,when i get that I will post it on YouTube.

  11. What is the best time to walleye fish near Portland ? What do you charge per person? How many does your boat hold? & how many people do you require to go out?

    Where do you like to fish the best…the Willamette or Columbia?

    • I like fishing the Spring Starting in April. Where I fish always varies on water and weather conditions. We could take 5 in my boat comfortably.

  12. i like fishing walleye. when you have a trip for walleye. and how much fer one person. let me know by . thanks!

    • You can always watch my Facebook page Marvin’s guide service I always put up when I have room for 1 or 2

  13. Hey Marvin, I know its springer season but my step son and I are interested in doing a walleye trip sometime in the first three weeks of May. Any chance??

    • I’m sure we can get you hooked up. Can you do week days or the just weekend?

    • Marvin, Back on 4/24 I responded to your email that we could do either weekends or week days, but would need several days notice for a week day. I just found my response hung up in the outbox on my phone. We are still interested in getting a walleye trip if your doing that now. Sorry about the confusion.

      • sure give me a call and let’s find you a date.

  14. Interested in an all day trip, for 3 ,for walleye on columbian river sometime between july 11-20.
    .Wanting to catch some giants, to get a nice replica made of on one half of the day, and then go load up as many eating size as we can, to bring home with us!
    We are from Texas, so this will probably be a one-shot chance for us at this lifelong wish.
    You can text me at (940)366-0335

  15. Zach, sorry for the late response. How about March of 2020?

    • I generally start my walleye fishing end of April March may a be a possibility depending on the weather..

  16. hello i’m interested in a walleye trip for myself, my Dad and grandpa and was wondering what kind of deposit i would need for 3 of us? also wondering if there is a limit on these fish, hoping to get enough to put some away in the freezer. and lastly my dad is normally in need of a restroom after 3 or 4 hrs so about how long is the fishing trip? thanks so much for the info

    • Would be happy to hook you up. Please give me a call and let go for details..

  17. Hey Marvin you fishing Walleye this time of year on the lower Multnomah Channel and Columbia River around St.Helens?

    • I actually will start walleye fishing around April and I do it up in the Rufus Oregon area.

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