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Salmon Fishing in Oregon & Washington

Salmon fishing in Oregon and Washington starts mid-February on the Columbia River, And Willamette River with salmon ranging from 10 to 25 pounds. The Salmon fishing in Oregon and Washington goes through June. We fish for the Spring Salmon on the Columbia River and Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.

The fall run of king salmon begins in August at Buoy 10, which is at the mouth of the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon, and runs through September and into October. We also catch plenty of coho salmon, also known as silvers.
Tillamook Bay opens September 1st and salmon fishing there runs through the middle of November, depending on the weather.
Fall king salmon run from 5 to 50 pounds, with 25 to 30 pounds being the average. In addition to great salmon fishing in Tillamook Bay, Marvin’s Guide Service will also drop crab pots for your added adventure. Tillamook Bay always offers great crabbing for tasty Dungeness!!!

King Salmon On the Columbia River



  1. My wife & I are visiting the Salem & Portland area in late October early November. I’m inquiring if you have any open dates on November 2nd or 3rd for Salmon fishing. My understanding is that Chinock should be in full swing or we are open to suggestion. One or 2 of my brothers (Oregonians) will be fishing with us ( so 3 or 4 fishermen).
    Please include rates and a normal itinerary.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    • by the time November comes around. I’m usually sturgeon fishing. If you are interested in doing that I would be happy to hook you up. Please feel free to call me and discuss any questions you may have.(

  2. Haï Marvin,
    My aunt tryed to call you today.
    Wé would really like and have hope that you can stil take my husband Dave on a fishing trip on monday/tuesday or wednesday this week. We are from holland So that is Why my englisch writing is so bad. We wil try to cal you tomorrow if that is ok?. And if you have no place with you, would you know anybody else to go with?.. thank you and hope for the best. Greetings from Semmy

  3. Would like to book a trip for my grandsons. They are 16 and 18.
    Interested in Salmon. Please contact me with dates that you have

    Thank you much

    • Are you looking to go for spring salmon? Summer salmon or fall salmon? Please give me a call and we can go over some dates. 503 – 314 – 5087 thank you

  4. We will be in town today June 4th and 5th. I was wondering if you have any fishing going on tomarrow with half day and 2 people?

    • Sorry I’m already booked but thanks for the interest

  5. How far out can we book? My husband and two boys are planning a trip Next September. 2017

    • Give me a call I’ll grt you 8n the books. 503-314-5087

  6. Hey Sir,
    What does a salmon trip look like October 6 or October 20th for a 2 day trip for 2?

    • We would be doing salmon and crab in Tillamook Bay. Please feel free to call text or email and I’ll be happy to get you hooked up

  7. Im coming over July21-28 and would love to do a day of salmon and a day of halibut. Is that doable and would you have openings?

  8. Im coming over July21-28 and would love to do a day of salmon and a day of halibut. Is that doable and would you have openings?

    • we can do salmon but no Halibut.

  9. Hi Marvin, I am looking to take a trip with a couple friends sometime 8/31-9/4. What sort of fishing is available around then?

    • we would have king salmon then.

  10. Oct 4,5 or 6. Where are good opportunities to catch ? Rivers are preferred if they are good then? Looking to catch some fish !

    • October is a great time for salmon and crab in Tillamook Bay. Please feel free to call E mail or text and I’d be happy to get a date set up for you.

  11. We have 1 day to fish, and that’s the 19th. of Oct. Were coming from LA, Santa Cruz, and Vic. Washington for birthdays. Our crew size will be 7, can you accommodate?

  12. will be able to fish 4-16-19 2 people
    salmon or steelhead or walleye, sturgeon are to big for me

    What would you recommend and how much $$


    • I can get you hooked up

  13. I’ll be in Portland in September and there are 4-6 people looking to go fishing for Salmon or Sturgeon out of Portland. The dates aren’t set, but would be Sep 4-6 or Sep 10-12. Do you fish out of Portland at that time of year? If so, for what fish and what are your rates for half-day and full day?

  14. Marvin 4 people for the 28th what will it be per person?

    • I’m currently booked on March 28. But I sent you an email to go over all details feel free to call or text

  15. Hello , I am looking to book a salmon or sturgeon trip for my son and husband. DO you offer 1/2 day trips ? Do you have locations you fish near Portland/Vancouver area this time of year ?

    Thank you.

    • Yes I have fishing trips available.
      feel free to call me and we can talk about the different fishing we offer

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