Are you looking for something to do this winter? How about Sturgeon fishing? Don’t let the weather scare you off, Marvin’s Guide Service has a covered and heated boat.
Where do we fish? There are a number of places to fish. One place I like to fish is down by St Helens Oregon, in front of Pixie Park. This is a great place for winter Sturgeon. Just be careful were you Anchor because that is also the main channel of the river.

I also will fish around Warrior Rock, or even head up to the mouth of the Willamette River and fish on the Columbia River side.

When the Willamette River open in January, you will want to start thinking about is fishing the lower Willamette River.

One thing I do in the winter is move around and look for the fish, don’t wait for the fish to come to you.

Baits I like to use are Squid, smelt, and shrimp.

Look for some great action this winter and be sure to call Marvin’s Guide Service and ask about are winter rates November, January, and December only.
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