Willamette River Sturgeon fishing is a catch and release fishery. The Willamette River in the Portland Oregon Area offers some of the best sturgeon fishing the Pacific Northwest has to offer. some days its very common to catch sturgeon as small as two foot and up to 10 feet long!

Fishing the Willamette for Sturgeon is generally best in the springtime, usually, late February, when the smelt starts to show up on the Columbia River.

Although you can find some great sturgeon fishing on the Willamette in December and January, right around the Swan Island area. Fishing here will offer plenty of fun action for everybody. One of the other top spots for sturgeon on the Willamette is near Oregon city, just below the falls.

When fishing below the Oregon city falls use caution as the water is generally faster and very rocky, and it makes it tricky for anchoring.

When the smelt starts to show up on the Columbia River, you definitely want to fish for sturgeon on the lower Willamette, near the mouth.

A good boat ramp to use is cathedral park Located under the St Johns Bridge this is a free park.

Smelt is one of the top baits to use when fishing for sturgeon. One of my other favorite baits to use for sturgeon is squid and sand shrimp. I personally like the fresher the bait, the better.

Around middle of March, the Willamette River generally will have plenty of sturgeon and the spring salmon start showing up. March April May and June are a great opportunity to do a half day salmon and a half day a sturgeon fishing trip on the Willamette.

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Willamette River Giant Sturgeon.

 Monster Sturgeon caught with Marvin’s guide service.

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